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  • Master of Arts Degree in Social Sciences from DePaul University (Chicago, IL) 2012.

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wittenberg University (Springfield, OH) 2006.

  • University of Findlay 2001-2003 -- transferred to Wittenberg University after 2 years

  • NCAA Men's Basketball 2001-2004

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Career Background Content

Generally speaking, I am a Professional Sociologist, Writer, Filmmaker, Music Producer, Researcher with experience in Graphic and Web Designing — in brief, to summarize my freelance career, it would be most accurate to consider that I am a consistent creator of optimized content.

As of current, I write for VAPE News Magazine which is a printed publication based in the United States, an actual physical magazine found in nearly every vape shop across America.  Needless to say, VAPe News Magazine has recently launched the VAPE News Wholesaler Publication, a secondary magazine that will be found in likely every head shop across the U.S., with a keen focus on communicating information about emerging CBD products and reaching another demographic. Ultimately, the goal is to always educate the masses about vapor products and the effectiveness of vaping as well as the significance of using proper safety precautions.

Also, I write for the Vaping Post website, which is based out of Switzerland and is one of the most trusted sources for up-to-date information within the vaping community, especially in the areas of legitimate scientific studies, fact-checking misinformation and active advocacy events. Either way, it is one of the most professional websites in reference to vaping since it's focus is on science, politics, advocacy and factual content. SEE ALL POSTS HERE

In addition, I have been writing as a Journalist for Vapouround Magazine. This is another highly trusted and well respected content provider throughout the vape business industry and vape consumer community. Vapouround Magazine is another physically printed publication, based in the United Kingdom and has grown to become the Leading Vape Publication for the U.K. and Ireland. While many vapers in the U.S. may not be too familiar with this magazine, if you are in Europe, you'll likely recognize the name. Vapouround has launched their own eliquid line, their own franchise of vape shops as well as a couple Apps of this pub a Vaping-Powerhouse.

It was just over three years ago when I became involved with advocating for the use of vapor devices as tobacco harm reduction tools, primarily because I knew for a fact that Vaping has been proven successful, since I was able to quit tobacco abuse overnight all due to the modern  innovation occurring throughout the new Vapor Industry - the only smoking cessation method with an enthusiastic, passionate and supportive movement attached.

Vaping is, by and large, the only harm reduction tool that can be used to quit smoking cigarettes and other tobacco abuse products that carries with it any sense of hope to one day become smoke-free. It's hard for many to believe in this new technology because the ability to quit smoking is few and far between so countless naysayers continue to voice their opposing views, which is understandable - only because the success rates are so remarkable, they are unbelievable. That is why "Vapers" remain so passionate and dedicated.

This acquired passion of mine has grown exponentially, so much that I have been producing a documentary film titled “Who Are The Vapers?” Filmmaking is always a journey, but we should be ready to release the film by the New Year in early 2018.

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During this same time, I began to gain an interest with music production and have collaborated with Hip Hop artists who have used the instrumentals I’ve created for songs already released and many other projects are still in the works. My music production pseudonym is “allTRUisHIM beats” — in which I plan to launch this music-showcasing website in the next couple months. In the meantime, to listen to some of my work, simply visit: www.soundcloud.com/alltruishim

This is following the recent release of the website for a new ambitious business-partnership, we have established Incorruptible Dreamstate Media, LLC. In addition to designing and developing our parent company's website, we also launched a product review site for the modern emerging industry of CBD, the site is CBDreviewers.com — these are all examples of projects in which all content has been designed and developed by me. However, we are planning a major expansion with investors ready to trust in our business models and hoping to fully optimize all current content.

Coincidentally, I reside in Denver, Colorado where the Cannabis Industry has become a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and other business professionals. Many who seem unaware of the inner-workings of the Legalized Cannabis Industry tend to misinterpret the motivating factors involved in this modern industrial powerhouse. Cannabis Leaders are extremely professional and seem to continuously impress by collecting billions in profits and tax revenue. 

The business professionals within the Cannabis Industry come from a number of different sectors throughout the economy, boasting academic backgrounds in engineering, sales, science, marketing, accounting and so on. These entrepreneurs are flocking to states like Colorado where  recreational legalized marijuana has become a permanent fixture in the state's largest areas for job growth and opportunity. The ambitions of people working in this industry wish to have a more fulfilling career and prove that they have much to offer and contribute to society. From this, it only seems sensible that Incorruptible Dreamstate Media, LLC helps to make a positive contribution to the Cannabis Industry as well.

Thus, my concentrations as a writer will be in the Cannabis Industry, CBD/Hemp Industry and and of course the Vapor Industry. Then again, I have numerous unpublished articles written for the hip-hop community of the music industry, profiles on Industry Professionals based on in-depth one-on-one interviews and I even have some topics related to areas of interest like digital marketing analysis and opinion pieces in relation to technological advancements. Lastly, much of my writing comes from the Sociological Imagination I acquired while earning my Master’s of Arts Degree in Sociology from DePaul University in Chicago, IL. Finally, it is imperative to stress that Sociology is an academic discipline and simply a point of view to write from, so it does not necessarily mean it is 110% factual, nor does it mean I wholeheartedly believe in all of these theoretical concepts -- Sociology merely allows us to view things from a different perspective than we are used to hearing.

Honorable Mention: Some of my published articles have been translated to Chinese for the launch of VAPE News Magazine China Edition