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Introducing Episode One of a Short Documentary Film Series based on the research question "Who Are The Vapers?" Episode One features an interview with the co-owner of the Bethesda Vapor Company in Maryland. There will be more episodes uploaded periodically featuring interviews with other vapers from across the country.

Documentary Film

A short ethnographic documentary that captures genuine Q&A sessions with ex-smokers who became smoke-free by transitioning to vapor products. Without discussing political issues surrounding this modern culture, vapers reveal why they choose to vape and if they believe these technological devices are effective for smokers looking to quit


To research this topic from a Sociological Perspective by making a short documentary exploring the current mindset of the individual who belongs to the global vaping community. The fundamental principles behind the philosophy will be fueled by promoting validity, researching ethically and analyzing accurately. We will be assisting the public in understanding how to answer the research question of “Who are the Vapers?” Our strategy of inquiry will be defined by using ethnography.


Many believe vaping products have greatly influenced the high probability of improving harm reduction techniques for smokers looking for ways to transform their identities. Vapers could be symbolic of the future and modern Public Health reform. Are vapor products the best alternative to smoking? Or will this simply remain a shared opinion held only by those who use these vape products? More importantly, will the general public ever be able to accurately answer the question, "Who are the Vapers?" Let’s find out…


"Michael's Basement" (2008)

This is a Short Ethnographic Documentary Film made while I was attending Graduate School at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. The story provides a glimpse inside the cultural lifestyle of my legendary Uncle Mike, an old-fashioned Italian man. It is guaranteed that he will entertain you. WATCH NOW!


Overall, while continuing to write for a number of print and digital publications, I have a few ebooks in the works, a novel, several screenplays (short & feature length) as well as a graphic novel that will be in the format of a series of short stories. The graphic novel is based on a character I've created, known as BoFlipsta Forealla — a retired professional basketball legend navigating his way back home through an alternate futuristic social reality with his old school demeanor. This project will be released very soon. Therefore, artwork will be available to view on this page in 2019.


Instrumental Beats by

Original productions of multiple genres of modern instrumental music. Primarily Hip-Hop, with a mixture of EDM, Rock, Hardcore and Chill beats


While officially signed as the in-house beat-maker for Incorruptible Dreamstate Media, LLC, it would be accurate to state that allTRUisHIM is an artist signed to @IDSMedia.

Obviously, "allTRUisHIM"  is a play-on-words, derived from the word altruism. Additionally, allTRUisHIM is a pseudonym aka music-making persona I use to stream the instrumentals I create.

making music stimulates creativity

Making music began as a creative exercise for me to stimulate my mind simply in order to fuel my writing duties, especially near a deadline. Regardless, this project is always going to be a work-in-progress. Though, allTRUisHIM beats has been able to reach professional status by collaborating with other artists. 

collaboration with artists & bUSINESSES

However, this writing exercise has matured into a proessional business opportunity. Therefore, collaborating with hip-hop artists like "OnewhoMayAscend" aka @OMA and selling beats for businesses to use in promo videos and other marketing campaigns is such a highly rewarding process. 

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Website Coming Soon!

Another project in-development. Stay tuned!